Port Bouvard Pistol & Small Bore Rifle Club Inc.

Country Club Drive, Dawesville, WA 6211


The SSAA WA Air Pistol discipline is solely a West Australian event and is intended to be a challenging sport which will test the capacity of the competitor both mentally and physically.

The 60 shot match is shot one handed in 90 minutes over a distance of 10 metres.

PISTOL: Any .177 cal / 4.5 mm air pistol

• Weight not to exceed 1500g
• Minimum trigger pull: 500g
• Only Open Sights are allowed.
• Must fit inside 420 mm x 200mm x 50mm box

RESTRICTIONS:  Other specifications & restrictions apply and can be found in the rules for this event.

AMMUNITION: .177 air pellets

TARGET: SSAA Air Pistol Target as provided by ACS Print – Target No T26.

COURSE OF FIRE: 60 shots in 90 minutes.

SCORING: Maximum possible score is 600.

RULES: Click here

RANGE COMMANDS: See Section 8 of the rules.