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The Pistol Australia (PA) Service Pistol & Service Pistol Unrestricted events are two separate 90-shot events for centre-fire self-loading pistols or revolvers with a barrel length not exceeding 6″.

Both matches require the competitor to engage paper targets at 50, 25, 10 and 7 yards, both slow and rapid fire, and involve a range of shooting positions including prone, sitting, kneeling, firing from behind a barricade, freestanding, swapping hands and shooting unsighted. The Service match requires the competitors to draw from a holster (shooters must hold a PA holster accreditation card), whereas the unrestricted match is shot without a holster with each stage starting from the 45 degree ready position.

Each shooter utilises a bank of four PA Service Pistol targets mounted side by side.

PISTOL: Any 9 mm to 9.65mm (.356″ to .380″) centrefire pistol or revolver.

• Overall weight less than 1400 grams.
• Minimum trigger pull 1360 grams.
• Maximum sight radius 220 mm
• Must fit into box of 300mm x 150mm x 50mm

(Only the minimum trigger pull of 1360 grams applies to Service Unrestricted)

RESTRICTIONS: Open sights only, no scopes or red dot sights are allowed.

AMMUNITION: Centrefire ammunition of calibre 9mm to 9.65mm (.356″ to .380″). Service Pistol requires a minimum Power Factor of 120,000 to reflect the power and recoil of ammunition that would be used in a normal service situation.

(Power Factor = Bullet weight (in grains) multiplied by the muzzle velocity (in fps).

TARGET: PA Service Pistol Target x 4 per shooter

COURSE OF FIRE: The 90-shot competition is divided into various stages shot at different distances:
Stage 1: 24 shots at 50 yards
Stage 2: 36 shots at 25 yard.
Stage 3: 18 shots @ 10 yards
Stage 4: 12 shots @ 7 yards

SCORING: Maximum possible scoring is 900.

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