Port Bouvard Pistol & Small Bore Rifle Club Inc.

Country Club Drive, Dawesville, WA 6211


At all times treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

No firearm shall ever be pointed at any person.

When handing a firearm to another person the muzzle should be pointed in a safe direction, the magazine removed and the action or cylinder open.

No firearm may be uncased unless:

  • On a range during practice or in competition
  • In a designated safe area
  • Under the control of a Range Officer
  • Under the control of a Coach during an approved coaching session

Prior to any live firing on a range:

  • The gate and range red flags must be raised,
  • Any doors or barriers that allow access to the ranges must be locked,
  • A visual inspection of the butts must be made,
  • If using the indoor air range the red warning light should be turned on.
  • You must ensure your firearm and ammunition (particularly reloaded ammunition) is safe to use.

When at the firing line, the firearm must at all times point down the range towards the butts.

At no time shall the firearm point to the rear, to the side or above the butts.

Never put down or holster a loaded gun unless specifically authorised to do so by a range officer. There have been instances where members have holstered or put their loaded firearm down on the bench to put on earmuffs or try and rectify a malfunction. This is not permitted at any time.

Eye protection must be worn during shooting on all ranges. Appropriate Ear protection (minimum Class 5) must be worn during shooting on all ranges other than the air gun range where ear protection is optional. When the Range Officer calls “Preparation Time”, make it a habit that the first thing you do is put on your safety glasses and ear protection.

No firearm shall be removed from the firing line until it has been checked and cleared by the Range Officer.

Any person has the right to call “CEASE FIRE” or “STOP” if in their opinion a dangerous situation is imminent. At the “CEASE FIRE” or “STOP” command all shooters shall immediately cease fire, unload and open the action of their firearm.

Any person seeing anything relating to shooting that they consider unsafe shall immediately report the matter to the Range Officer, Club Captains or a Committee member.

If you have a malfunction on the range and are unable to safely rectify it in the match time allowed, you must hold on to the firearm (pointing the muzzle down range) and put a hand up to attract the Range Officer’s attention.