Port Bouvard Pistol & Small Bore Rifle Club Inc.

Country Club Drive, Dawesville, WA 6211


The Port Bouvard Pistol & Small Bore Rifle Club (PBPC) caters for .22LR Field Rifle & Bench Rest Rifle disciplines plus handguns up to 9mm/.357/.38 caliber.

The rifle and bench rest sections conduct their own firearm safe handling programs for prospective members as required. However, those wishing to shoot hand guns must go through a more intensive ‘Handgun Safety Training Induction Course’.

This course is made up of both written and live range shooting in which you will be taught safety while on the range.


Please contact the club secretary by email to discuss enrolling
in the next Hangun Safety Training Course.


Once enrolled, prospective members are required to bring a completed membership application form, a National Police Certificate (or a copy of their current WA Firearms Licence), and a $120 membership nomination fee to the first session.

New members who join to shoot rifle or bench rest disciplines but later wish to shoot hand guns will be unable to do so until they have first completed and passed the Hand Gun Safety Training Induction Course.

Members of other shooting clubs in WA, interstate or overseas may be accepted into the club without having to complete the full hand gun safety course. However, all new members must undergo a practical safety test prior to commencing shooting and demonstrate a suitable level of competency.

All applications for membership will be considered, but not automatically accepted. Applicants must be of good character and reputation and provide a National Police Certificate (which can be applied for at a Post Office), or hold a current WA Firearms Licence.