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This is one of the newest matches in the International program and was first shot in Australia in 1968. Standard Pistol requires both precision and timed shooting skills.

It was originally designed as a competition event for everyone with a “standard” .22 calibre pistol without the need for competitors to buy expensive specialised guns. While there are now some very special and expensive “standard” pistols available, this is still a match where success can be achieved with a good quality and simple .22 calibre semi-automatic pistol.

The standard pistol event is shot by both men and women utilising a single-handed shooting style.

These standard pistols can also be used for the “Free Pistol” and even for the “Rapid Fire” match. This event is excellent practice and great fun!

PISTOL: Any .22LR calibre rim fire pistol except a single shot pistol.

PISTOL SPECIFICS: The weight, size, dimensions and trigger pull weight of the pistols are limited by the rules for the match.

RESTRICTIONS: No scopes or red dot sights are allowed. Other specific restrictions apply and can be found in the rules for this event.

AMMUNITION: Any .22LR cal. rimfire ammunition may be used.

TARGET: ISSF 25/50m Precision target

COURSE OF FIRE: The 60-shot competition is divided into 3 stages of 20 shots each. Each stage has 4 series of 5-shots.
At the start of the match the competitor may fire 5 sighting shot within 150 seconds.
Stage 1: 4 series of 5-shots. 150 seconds for each series.
Stage 2: 4 series of 5 shots within 20 seconds for each series.
Stage 3: 4 series of 5 shots within 10 seconds for each series.

SCORING: Maximum possible scoring is 600.

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