A member applying for their first handgun must have successfully completed the Club Firearm Safety Course and have been a financial member of both the Club and either the West Australia Pistol Association (WAPA) or the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) for a minimum of 6 months.

A maximum of 2 handguns can be applied for at 6 months.
  1. Air pistol and/or
  2. Rimfire or Centrefire



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1. If you do not hold a WA Firearms Licence you must complete a West Australian Police (WAPOL) Firearms Awareness Test (this is different from the test taken during the Club Firearm Safety Course). This test can be administered by a dealer for a fee or by the Club President or Secretary upon request. Once completed, a Firearms Awareness Certificate will be issued to you. See WAPOL website for details concerning content covered in the test.

2. Participate in Club competitions. A minimum of 4 scores are required (ensure WAPA Form 103 has been signed off by the Range Officer conducting these matches).

3. For WAPA support: Complete Pistol Application (Club Support Letter) Form WAPA 101. Supply the application forms and WAPA Form 103 to the Club committee for presentation at the next meeting. Once approved, the Secretary will provide the Club support letter.

 For SSAA support: Complete the SSAA Club Firearms Application Form. Supply the application forms and WAPA Form 103 to the Club committee for presentation at the next meeting. Once approved the member will complete SSAA Form F1 in triplicate. Two F1s are mailed to the SSAA Firearms Support Officer with a $10 fee per application. The SSAA Firearms Support Officer will return a F1 and Support Letter to the member.

4. Obtain a Serviceability Certificate from the Firearms Dealer or Club designated personnel.

5. In the case of co-ownership, complete the Co-owner Permission Form (available on WAPOL website).

6. Complete the WAPOL Firearm Licence Application Form (available on WAPOL website) and lodge with the required fee at a participating Australian Post outlet. Include support documentation:
      • 100 points proof of ID
      • Serviceability Certificate
      • Club support letter (including F1 for SSAA)
      • Firearms Awareness Certificate
      • Co-owner Permission Form (if required)
      • Genuine reason to own a firearm

7. A 28-day “cooling off” period applies to first time applicants.

8. You will be contacted by WAPOL to submit a Statutory Declaration, with photographs, regarding storage facilities for your firearms.

9. You must carry your Firearm Licence (both photo ID and paper copies) whenever you are in possession of your firearm.

 See WAPOL website for further details (www.police.wa.gov.au)
Applying For Your First Handgun
Under the firearms regulations your firearms when not in use or transit must be stored in a secure cabinet or container. The cabinet must be securely anchored at two points to two immovable structural surfaces. These cabinets can be purchased from firearms dealers and should be marked that they comply with the WA Police Firearms Regulations. Specification for storage cabinets is in Schedule 4 of the Firearms Regulations.

      • The firearms and ammunition must not be stored together unless the ammunition is within another locked compartment.
      • Magazines must not be stored loaded.
      • Containers of propellant and gunpowder are not to be stored with ammunition or firearms. A separate safe is required.
      • There are constraints on the amount of propellant and gunpowder that can be stored at home. See WAPOL website for details.
Storage & Security
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