Air rifle shooting is a valuable training and development platform for national and international rifle competitions. The Prone, Standing and Kneeling positions, which are used in international and national rifle competitions, assist in developing skills and knowledge. An extensive range of air rifles exists for the beginner through to expert including compressed air, carbon dioxide or spring cocked rifles.

Air rifles are limited to .177" (4.5mm) calibre to avoid damage to target frames and backstops, but any air rifle in that calibre is allowed, as are telescopic sights. An international match target air rifle or field target air rifle with a scope is ideal for this match. Air rifles are inherently accurate over 10m, so if you cannot afford a new air rifle, look for a secondhand one, as air rifles retain their accuracy and usually last a long time.

Air rifle shooting is relatively cheap and a good place to start in the sport of rifle shooting. Air pellets are much cheaper than live ammunition compared to rimfire ammunition. Once the initial capital investment in the air rifle is made, the cost on a weekly basis is quite low.

There are two scoped air rifle matches, an ISSF un-scoped match, and a Metallic Silhouette Match.
1. The 10m scoped air rifle match is shot from the standing unsupported position at 10m.
2. The 3-Positional scoped air rifle is shot from the prone, kneeling and standing positions at 10m.
3. The ISSF match is shot from the standing unsupported position at 10m. The air rifle is fitted with peep sights.
4. The Metallic Silhouette Match is shot from the standing unsupported position at 10m. The Metallic Silhouette targets are small metallic figurines of pigs, chickens, rams and turkeys.

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RIFLE: Any air rifle of compressed air, gas or pump style may be used.

RESTRICTIONS: At PBPC, muzzle velocity is restricted to prevent damage to the range.

AMMUNITION: .177" (4.5mm) lead air rifle pellets of any shape


SSAA Scoped Air Rifle and Scoped Air Rifle 3P - SSAA Scoped Air Rifle Target - 10m

ISSF Match - ISSF Air Rifle Target - 10m

Metallic Silhouette - pig, chicken, ram and turkey metallic figurines.


3-postional scoped air rifle - 60 shots,

         20 shots in 30 minutes prone

          20 shots in 30 minutes standing

         20 shots in 30 minutes kneeling

          Maximum possible score is 600


10m Precision Scoped Air Rifle

          40 shots from the standing position in 60 minutes

        Maximum possible score is 400


ISSF 10m Air Rifle

          Women - 40 shots from the standing position in 60 minutes

          Maximum possible score is 400

         Men - 60 shots from the standing position in 90 minutes

          Maximum possible score is 600


Metallic Silhouette

          5 shots in 2.5 minutes for each bank of five targets shot from left to right.

          A hit or miss is recorded for each target. Maximum possible score is 40.




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